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Convert Pull String to Wall Switch

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Pull string light fixture

For those that live where the new 2011 NEC code is in effect, please read
'2011 NEC New Rule 'Switch Connections'
If this applies to you, the switch wiring options that is in compliance with this new rule will be indicated bellow as '2011 NEC compliant'

Home builders usually do not finish your basement when building a new home, in fact they will often recommend that you do not do renovations in the basement until a period of one year has passed; this is to allow the builder to be able to repair any issues that may have been overlooked or have developed at the time the home was built or soon after moving into the home.

Lighting in the unfinished basement is usually very basic and usually consists of a few single pull string controlled / switched fixtures. At some point most homeowners will decide to make better use and expand their living space by doing renovations on the basement floor. Along with careful planning on how to use the space as effectively as possible, and the need to run some new circuits to feed outlets, GFI circuits / outlets for bathrooms, and possibly special circuits for appliances if a kitchen is included in the plans for  the basement, you would likely want to change those pull string basic lighting fixtures to fixtures that are more appealing and controlled by wall switches. 

The articles bellow will show you how with step by step instructions on how to convert you existing pull string lighting fixtures to those that are controlled by wall switches.

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If 2011 NEC 404.2 (C) is not applicable to you or if you fall under an exception to this new rule.
Convert Pull String to Wall Switch
2011 NEC 404.2 (C) Compliant
Convert Pull String to Wall Switch

By: Donald Kerr

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