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Wireless Doorbell

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Wireless Doorbell

An alternative to the wired doorbell system is a wireless doorbell system.

Instead of the electrical wires with the doorbell button being the switch to complete the circuit, a wireless system consists of a transmitter (at the doorbell button) and a receiver (at the chime location).

You would want a multi channel system so that you can select the channel (transmit frequency) that works best for you and avoid false chime triggers from other systems in the neighborhood or from interference. Some units have greater range than others, greater range can help but the greater the range can increase the risk of interference from possible sources in your neighborhood.

As these doorbell buttons operates from a small battery exposure to colder climates can reduce battery life. You also need to change the batteries at regular intervals.

Some systems may have the indoor chimes powered from the home electrical system (via the doorbell transformer) but will have a battery operated outdoor doorbell transmitter.

By: Donald Kerr 

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