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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

Breaker / Fuse keeps Tripping


In the Event that that the breaker in question gives you at least a couple of minutes after resetting it before it trips again, then perform the following test if you have access to a clamp on current meter...

Read the instructions and view the videos in the article called  'Clamp On Current Meter'  so you know how to use one.

Test the hot wire attached to the breaker in question inside the main electrical panel. With everything on that that circuit is feeding if the current reading is close / at / or exceeding the current rating of the breaker? If there is a motor being used on the circuit such as a window air conditioner, that can be current surge when the compressor kicks in so you may want to also read that current spike when that happens. If it is close / at / or exceeding the breakers rating then the circuit is just overloaded.

If you are able to witness the breaker tripping when the current was only around 10 amps on a 15 amp breaker, the breaker may be worn and need replacing.

If the circuit is just overloaded you will have to find a way to remove items to keep the circuit load lower. In some cases you may have to consider running a brand new circuit to handle the demand.

If it trips instantly after resetting, there is either an overload condition or a short try removing items from the circuit.

If further help is need ask our experts on the forums.

By: Donald Kerr

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