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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

Range not Working or Only Partially



1. It is an Electrical Cooking Range.

2. It was previously wired correctly and working properly.

This is to trouble shoot a power related issue only, questions about repairing interior components of the range itself should be posted to our appliance expert on our forums...

First check the fuses / breakers on the cooking range itself, and if they are look good...

Pull the range away from the wall.

Range Outlet Wiring

Using a voltage checker / multi meter as indicated in the above diagram insert the probes into where the black and red wires are connected to - the reading should be around 240 volts, if you measure between the black and the white OR the red and white- the reading should be around 120 volts.

If you have no 240 volt reading and only one of the 120 volt readings are present then one of the dual pole breakers are likely tripped - check (they are designed that they both should trip at the same time if working as they should). 

If the breaker is ok and the tests indicate the 240 volt and one of the 120 volt readings is missing, then shut off the breaker pull the outlet out and check that all the connections are tight. Switch on breaker do test again (be careful not to touch anything) and check both the actual outlet slots and the wire connection screws, if the screw tests are all ok and the outlet slots do not then replace the outlet. If they are both faulty then you will have to take voltage tests at the breaker, testing between red and black connection screws at the breaker should be 240  volts, black to neutral bus 120 volts and the same between red to neutral bus. If these reading are done correctly and you do not have a readings on part of the test and the breaker  if on and seated properly then replace the breaker itself.

If  240 is present but no 120 volt, then...

The Neutral (white wire) is not connected possible causes...

1. Loose connection at outlet
2. Faulty Outlet
3. Loose connection at neutral bus in the electrical panel.

If the outlet tests ok then the issue is at the cooking range itself.

By: Donald Kerr

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