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Electrical Box Types

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I will not go into tremendous detail here about all the types of electrical boxes available as they are just too numerous.

Octagon Box

Assorted Electrical Boxes

Assorted Electrical Boxes

If in doubt about the type of electrical box you should use for a particular purpose, personal at your electrical supply store should be able to advise or ask our experts on Ez-Forums.

Octagon boxes are frequently used for ceiling fixtures, but can also be used as junction boxes.

Some boxes come with a built in cable clamp others require you to buy separately.

Styles can be obtained in both metal and plastic. Size can determine how many wires can be in the box (read the  'box fill calculations'  article).

Box Entender

Extenders can be used under some circumstances, which will increase the amount of wires that can be put in this box.


Recessed Box

Recessed ones can be used for such items that need to go flush with the wall so that the plug itself does not force the item to sit away from the wall.

This article touches very briefly on what electrical boxes are available, but when choosing the appropriate box consider...

a) the purpose it will be used

b) the number of wires that will be in the box

c) If being used for a single switch / outlet or more than one. CFI outlets for example may be a bit wider than the standard switch and you want a slightly wider single  box.

d) the type of mounting required to install the box into the wall or ceiling.

By: Donald Kerr

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