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Electrical Dangers in the Home

Outlets with Young Children in the Home


Child playing with outlet

Child playing with outlet

Children are a joy but also a nightmare to keep safe which is not always an easy task.

Along with keeping medicines and cooking and cleaning supplies locked up you also have to protect them from electrical dangers.

Cover all unused electrical outlets including power bars so that young curious children cannot stick anything into them.

There is a variety of protective covers available, some are better than others, here are some that are available....

Outlet protective inserts

These are plastic insert that shove into unused outlets, they are not locking and use the outlet's internal pinch plug connectors to hold them in place. They are a chocking hazard in the event a child was able to get one out or one happen to be lying around.

Outlet Locking Inserts

These are locking inserts.


Outlet protective face plate

These are not inserts but special face covers for outlets, in order to plug something into it you must slide a spring loaded cover over to expose the actual outlet itself. Children therefore would have to slide it over and hold it there in order to be able to stick something into it. Something that hopefully a small child would not be able to do easily.

None of this is a substitute for proper supervision, and keeping an eye on them like a hawk as they say, but in my opinion is a necessary item that is needed where ever young children are around.

By: Donald Kerr

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