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The Importance of Smoke Detectors

I simply cannot overstress this enough the importance of having working smoke detectors on every floor of your home.

Please take the time to view both the videos bellow....

Not all smoke detectors are the same, the two main types are ionization and photo electric, you should have both methods of smoke detection, they also vary greatly in price, but this is one area that money should not prevent you from keeping you and your family safe. 

Always buy a smoke detector that has been tested by a highly recognized independent testing facility, independent meaning not part of the manufacturer's company. UL is one such highly recognized testing facility.

All levels of your home must have a smoke detector, and around & outside every sleeping area. there can be dead zones that you should stay away from, and mount smoke detectors at least a foot away from any corner of wall or ceiling.

Even house powered detectors should have a battery backup inside them which should be replaced every 6 months.  For the best protection all smoke detectors in the home should be somehow interconnected (by wire or by radio frequency) to each other so that if any one detector goes off all detectors in the home will sound the alarm.

Smoke detectors do not last a life time, and experts in the field recommend that ALL smoke detectors no matter what the type are replaced at least once every 10 years.

NEVER EVER remove / power down a smoke detector because of false alarms when cooking or for someone who smokes in the home. Some detectors comes with a hush button that will temporary silence a false alarm on the one smoke detector, some can even be temporarily silence with the TV remote,  this method is desirable as the detector automatically will re-energized about a certain length of time where you may never put the battery back in. Test all alarms with the test button at least once a month.

New home builders will install smoke detectors to meet min code requirements, builders are deeply in keeping their costs low and therefore will often just do the min to meet code and inspection requirements unless you where able to negotiate this before your committed to buy the home for even greater protection.

Smoke detectors may not prevent the start of a fire, but buys you time to get your family out alive, and reduces the damage of smoke and fire by getting it put out quickly by being able to obtain emergency help sooner.

Smoking in homes is never safe, there is a risk of fire, and smoking is not only unhealthy for adults but unhealthy for children to be breathing in but for me to convince a die hard smoker to not smoke in their own home is likely next to impossible.  But for your safety the best I will be able to do if to blatantly try to tell you to never smoke in bed; never leave a cigarette in an ass tray or anywhere there is not 100% without a doubt completely dead, and be very careful where ashes fall, never dump hot ashes into a garbage bag or garbage container. NEVER SMOKE AROUND CHILDREN, and how can you ever tell a teenager not to smoke when they see you smoking, the easiest way to quit smoking is to never ever try the first one to begin with.

Here is a different type of smoke detector that actually talks by First Alert https://www.firstalertstore.com/ store/catalog.asp? item=1232

By: Donald Kerr

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